Frequently asked questions

Thank you for considering Dustr for your rental properties.

How can I order a cleaning?

1. Go to and log in.
2. Add your rentals first.
3. Tap on Place An Order button
4. Select your rental.
4. From the list select a cleaner. App will automatically display only best rated cleaners in the area where your rental is located. If there are no available cleaners you can still place an order and we will find a cleaner for you or refund your order.
5. Make the payment.

Can I automate cleanings between guests?

Yes, you can set up automation by integrating with ( Cleanings will be scheduled automatically with the same cleaning person.

How does Airbnb property management work?

We have been managing Airbnbs for over a decade and learned many tricks and shortcuts. We can help you navigate legal issues, ensure correct pricing and profitability of your rental.

Here is how it works:
1. You rental will need to be furnished and set up for short-term guests. We can guide you through this process.
2. Once your rental is set up, we will take over.
3. We will take beautiful pictures and list it on your Airbnb profile. This will help your profile grow and accumulate reviews becoming an asset you own. Also you will have full control of your payouts which will go from guests to Airbnb and from Airbnb to your bank account.
4. Additionally we can list your rental on our direct-booking website.
5. We will set up security and noise monitoring systems in your rental unless you specify that you do not want this part of the service.
6. We will create check-in process and instructions for your future guests.
7. We will manage all incoming inquiries, reservations and guest communication.
8. We will manage turnovers, maintenance requests and property upkeep.
9. We will restock your rental with toiletries as needed.

How do I know the exact price for a cleaning at my rental?

Pricing works similar to Uber and depends on location and the size of your rental. Log in to our app at and tap on Place An Order button. Select rental and what type of cleaning you want. Your price will be displayed immediately.

What's the Guest App?

Guest App is designed for guests that stay at your rental. In order to access Guest App your guests will go to and enter your rental ID code. Then they will gain access to check-in instructions, home manual and FAQs, check out instructions. On your end, you can setup Guest App for each rental you add.

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